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Pawn Shops That Buy Beats Headphones

Beats by Dre are one of the most popular brands of headphones in the audio equipment industry. There are a number of styles that the Beats brand offers.

  • Pro: Durable, cushioned headphones that feature a noise reduction and rotating ear cups.
  • Studio: Wireless headphones with Bluetooth capability and dual-mode adaptive noise canceling.
  • Mixer: Headphones with swivel ear cups and a deep bass sound, designed for DJs.
  • Solo/Solo 2: Glossy, durable headphones with fine-tuned acoustics (available in a variety of colors).

Like any other item, our experienced team will value your headphones based on their condition and ability to function. It helps to have all of the accessories (original wires, manuals, original box, etc.). Each line commands a different payout, but you can expect to receive 40-60% of the listing price you would find on sites like Ebay and Amazon.

1st United Pawn wants to buy your Beats headphones! Bring in your Beats headphones today for a FREE item valuation. A 1st United Pawn & Loan staff member can answer any and all questions during business hours.

Not all pawn shops will buy your headphones. Let 1st United Pawn & Loan put cash in your hands for your Beats by Dre today!

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