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Our certified staff is specialized in coins, paper money, collectibles, precious gems and metals, antiques, trains and more. Our staff of appraisers will give you the highest market value for your items and are available for consultation.

Meet the Appraisers

  • Peter M. Del Borrello Sr. “Gramps”


    In loving memory of a wonderful father and even better grandfather. Honesty and integrity were his lifelong pledges, which he so humbly passed on to us. Peter Sr. self-challenging motto, “Never let a day go by that what you did was not done to the best of your ability” evokes the nature and character of UnitedWeBuyItAll.com. Truly words and advice to live by and that have become the hallmark of our family and staff. Through his hard work, determination, and love of Numismatics, a company was born.

  • Peter M. Del Borrello Jr.

    CEO- Head Appraiser

    Peter Jr. serves as company CEO and head appraiser. His interest in Numismatics was sparked at a young age through hobbies and lessons with his father. With over 30 years experience in the business sector, his experience and talents are second to none. His transcontinental travels have not only given him firsthand knowledge in Numismatics but also in collectibles, precious metals and gems, and his specialty classic toy trains. Peter Jr. prides himself on personal one-on-one consultations to develop the all-important traits of honesty and trust.

  • Peter M. Del Borrello III

    Vice President of North American Sales

    Following in the tradition of his father and grandfather, Peter III developed a love for Numismatics. His background and certification (ANA) lies in Numismatics and precious metals. With over twenty years of financial experience and 15 years apprenticeship in coin grading, he has the knowledge and qualifications in customary appraising. Like his father, Peter III prides himself on personal contact and a family atmosphere.

  • Megan

    Precious Metals and Antiques Appraiser Specialist

    Megan trained vigorously for over 10 years under our head appraiser to learn how to accurately appraise stones, precious metals, designer apparel, and a variety of other items. Megan’s extensive knowledge,  along with her exceptional customer service skills make her a huge asset to the 1st United Pawn & Loan team.

  • Emily

    Pawn Supervisor & Sales Assistant

    Emily has been an invaluable part of the 1st United Pawn & Loan team.  She is a well-rounded appraiser with a hands-on approach to learning the industry and has a valuable “learning by doing” attitude. She is proficient in selling, pawning and purchasing gold at fair market value.  She is also experienced in buying and pawning electronics, designer products and antiques.

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