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Item Security – Rest easy while your pawned item is stored in our Pawn Item Security Room until you come back to pay your pawn loan in full and claim your item. 

Item Valuation – Our professional team uses a series of techniques to examine your item and will make you a fair offer based on the determined value. 

Items We Accept – We accept a variety of items including but not limited to precious metals, gold, and diamond jewelry, luxury watches, electronics, antiques, autographs, and more!

Pawn FAQ – Our Pawn FAQ answers our most frequently asked questions relating to pawn loans.

Pawn for Small Businesses – We offer business owners low interest loans that are fast, secure, and hassle-free!

1st United Pawn & Loan is licensed and bonded to provide collateralized loans. These loans are written for a 61-240 day term with the option to renew. Early repayment is permitted with no pre-payment penalty. We charge the PA state interest rate of a maximum 36% APR plus a $1.00 state filing fee.  An example loan follows: Amount borrowed – $100, Loan term – 90 days, Interest charged – $3.00/month for 3 months = $9.00, Government fee – $1.00, Total due: $110

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