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jackets in closetWith the cold weather upon us, people are burrowing through their closets to find their warmest outerwear. If you’re looking to get rid of leather jackets or fur coats that you no longer wear, 1st United Pawn & Loan wants to buy them.

Depending on their condition, you could make a lot of money pawning your coats and jackets. To receive the highest payout for your leather jackets and fur coats, consider their:

  • Authenticity. Authentic leather jackets and fur coats will always sell for more than their faux counterparts. If you have an authentic leather jacket, make sure the tags confirming their authenticity are intact.
  • Brand. Branded leather or fur, like Harley Davidson Motorcycles or Mano Swartz, will sell for more, giving you a bigger payout.
  • Size. Common sizes like medium and large tend to sell better in a pawn shop than rarer sizes like 3XL or XS.
  • Condition. A scratched or worn jacket isn’t going to yield a high return at a pawn shop. Well cared for, clean fur coats and leather jackets that have been properly stored and are free of stains or rips are going to sell. Only bring coats and jackets that are in good condition to pawn.

Not all pawn shops buy fur coats or leather jackets, but 1st United Pawn & Loan does! If you have questions, a staff member can answer them during business hours. Visit 1st United Pawn and Loan today for the best estimate on your jackets and coats.

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