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Pawn Shops That Buy Designer Handbags

woman holding purseHandbags – purses – totes. Anyway you put it, designer bags are a stylish and convenient way to haul your things from one place to the next. From their humble European beginnings, purses have come a long way, revolutionized to fit the needs of the modern-day woman and available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. If you have designer handbags or wallets that you’re not longer using, you could make a substantial amount by bringing them to a pawn shop.

Not every pawn shop will buy designer handbags because not all brokers are familiar with valuing handbags. 1st United Pawn does buy designer purses and bags. We want to put cash in your hands today!

On average, you can expect to receive 40-60% of the bag’s original worth. As with any item you bring into a pawn shop, the amount you receive for your designer purse is determined by:

  • Authenticity. In order to determine whether the bag is authentic or not, our team will analyze tags, hardware, and any supporting documentation that you bring along. If you have the receipt from your original purchase, that will help to prove that it was bought from a legitimate retailer.
  • Cleanliness. It’s a good idea to clean your bag out completely before bringing it in. If it’s made of leather, use a gentle cleaner on the outside to leave the surface shining like new. A clean designer purse stands to have a higher payout than a dirty one.
  • Care. The bag will be examined for scratching and general wear and tear. To earn the highest payout, bring bags that have been well cared for.

1st United Pawn accepts purses and bags from designers including:

  • Coach
  • Michael Kors
  • Kate Spade
  • Burberry
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Chanel
  • And more!

Bring in your designer handbag to 1st United Pawn & Loan today for a FREE item valuation! Our staff members can answer any and all of your questions you may have. For the best estimate on your designer purses, bags, and wallets, visit us today!

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