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Pawn Shops That Buy Nikon Cameras

nikon cameraNikon is a widely respected digital camera company that started as an optical glass manufacturer that eventually moved on to telescopic lenses and microscopes. In 1948, they created the first Nikon I small-sized camera and have been known for their revolutionary developments in the digital camera industry ever since.

If you have a digital camera that you’re looking to sell, pawn shops are willing to purchase them if they are in good working condition. To earn the most money for your Nikon digital camera:

  • Make sure it is clean and presentable. Use a microfiber towel to remove dirt, dust and debris. Never use water to clean your camera to avoid damaging the electronics.
  • Check the accessories. Make sure you bring all of the camera’s accessories with you, including the battery charger, USB cord, SD card, and case (if applicable).
  • Confirm that the camera operates. Pawn shops don’t want to buy things that don’t work, so ensure your digital camera turns on and all of the functions of the camera work.
  • Delete images and video from the camera. Upload any images you want to keep onto your computer or a jump drive, then wipe them completely from the camera.

Typically, you can expect to receive $10-20 for it from the pawn shop. Name-brand digital cameras with more sophisticated features can earn more, between $75-300 on average (depending on the brand and the condition of the camera).

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