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Pawn Shops That Buy Power Tools

worker using drillPower tools are one of the best items to pawn because they are consistently in demand. If you have power drills, belt sanders, jigsaws, nail guns, or any kind of power tool you aren’t using anymore, 1st United Pawn & Loan wants to buy them.

Bring yours in for a FREE item valuation. To receive the highest payout, consider your power tool’s:

  • Brand. The most desirable brands of power tools are the same ones that are popular in stores: DeWalt, BOSCH, Ridgid, and Snap-On. Often pawn shops will accept Makita, Porter Cable, Hitachi, Bostitch, Mac, and SK tools, but they are considered less desirable and as such, often result in a lower payout. Pawn shops often don’t accept power tools from CraftsMan or RYOBI, as these brands aren’t commonly sought after and deemed generally inexpensive at retail price.
  • Model. Power tools with newer batteries that hold a charge longer sell better in the shop and earn you more cash up front. Age is extremely important when it comes to power tools. Generally, tools 10 years or older don’t won’t sell in a pawn shop because there isn’t a demand.
  • Condition. A power tool that no longer holds a charge or one that’s covered in scratches and dents isn’t going to yield a high return at a pawn shop. Only bring power tools that are in relatively good condition to pawn.

To earn the highest amount for your power tool, make sure you:

  • Have all of the parts, pieces, and attachments that your tool originally came with. At a minimum, you’ll need the battery and the charger to sell it. The more complete your tool or tool set is, the more money you stand to earn.
  • Bring the manual when you bring your power tools to the pawn shop. These are vital to the next person to own the tool. The manual helps complete the overall package and can do a lot to increase what you’re offered for your tool. Bring the box as well, if you have it!
  • Clean your tools of any dust, dirt and debris. Don’t forget to give any cords a good wipe down. It may seem silly, but cleaning your power tools helps them to appear more well taken care of and functional.

Not all pawn shops buy power tools, but 1st United Pawn & Loan does! If you have questions, our appraisers are available to answer any questions you may have during business hours. Visit our West Berlin, NJ today for the best estimate on your power tools.

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