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Pawn Shops That Buy Speakers

pawn audio speakers in philadelphia pa

If you’re a music fanatic, chances are you have multiple sets of speakers around your home. Speaker technology changes rapidly – there’s always a bigger, better model coming out. Whether you’ve had the same set for years and are ready to upgrade or you have so many sets you don’t know what to do with them, you could stand to make a substantial profit by bringing them to a pawn shop.

Like any technology, the condition of the speakers determines how much you could make. As long as the speaker is in good working condition with minimal or no flaws, you stand to make a lot of cash!

If you own a set of speakers you no longer need or want, 1st United Pawn wants to put cash in your hands. We will evaluate all kinds of speakers, from Bluetooth, subwoofers, woofers, and drivers of all sizes. You can expect to receive between 40-60% of their retail value.

Before you bring your speakers in for an evaluation, we suggest:

  • Cleaning them. Whenever you bring anything to a pawn shop for evaluation, it’s always a good idea to clean the item before you bring it in. When you’re cleaning your speakers, make sure to get in every nook and crevice to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that have built-up over time.
  • Ensuring they work. It may sound silly, but testing your speakers before you bring them in can save everyone a lot of time. It can also save you the embarrassment of trying to make sound come out of a speaker that doesn’t work!
  • Gathering accompanying documentation. Paperwork can only help you, especially in a pawn shop. If you have older speakers that might be collectible, bring the supporting documentation with you to your evaluation. This will give our associates a better idea of what your speakers are worth.

Bring in your speakers in today for a FREE item valuation! A 1st United staff member can answer any and all of your questions between the hours of 9am-7pm, 7 days a week. For the best estimate on your speakers, visit 1st United Pawn today.

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