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Pawn Shops That Buy Video Games & Consoles

video game controller1st United Pawn wants to buy your video games and gaming consoles!

New video games are constantly being released, just as the technology used to play these games is constantly improving. While you can trade-in games at a local game shop, you stand to make more money pawning your old video games and gaming systems.

Pawn shops don’t specialize in the sale of one particular item, so there’s typically a higher payout on items that sell well, like video games.

What consoles are we most likely to buy?

The amount you get for your console depends on the lifespan of the system, as well as how complete it is and how many games are available for that particular model. Older versions typically have a lower payout, as the desire is minimal. The same can be said for the games themselves. Less desirable games have a smaller payout, while more popular games have a higher payout.

Here’s a look at the systems we accept:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S
  • PS4
  • Nintendo Switch

Game Console Selling Tips

  • Clean it off. Wipe the entire system down to remove dust and debris. Do the same for the controllers. Make the console look as presentable as possible to up the value.
  • Have cords & cables ready. Make sure that all of the cords, cables, controllers, and console accessories are presented with the console. Not having any or all of these items can decrease the amount you get for your system.
  • Clear data storage. Clear all of the hard drives that may have stored your personal information to make the system ready for its next owner. This saves the pawn shop time prepping it for resale and keeps your information protected.
  • Bring a game. Your gaming system will be tested to ensure it works properly, so having a game handy only makes you look better in the eyes of the pawn shop. Plus, you stand to get some extra cash!

Bring your game consoles and video games in for a FREE item valuation. Call today with any questions you may have. Let 1st United Pawn & Loan buy your video gaming system and put cash in your hands today.

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